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          Wilton information     (8K)

Much more Wilton family information can be found on the web site of my distant cousin Alan Hutchinson. We met up after Alan made contact via the telephone. His site can be seen here
Alan has thourly researched his subject and you will find many details of the various Wilton family lines of County Cavan in Ireland.

The few links below show lists that I made from my own research and one picture, which came from Alan. I have left it here only because I have grown attached to it and the fact that George Eliot Wilton on the left in the photo, bears a remarkable resemblence to my own grand father Cecil George Vaugh.

 Information for the Wilton surname. From the IGI for Ireland.

 A list of Wilton deeds from the Registry of deeds Dublin

 A tree for the Wilton family of Co Cavan Eire, this shows the relationship between my own family and the Wilton's. A second Wilton tree, showing the early ancestors of htose in the previous tree.

A picture of one Wilton family from Co Cavan Ireland

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